I absolutely love entertaining people from all walks of life. But even more than that, I love being able to share about my faith in Jesus! I’ve preached in churches, schools and on the streets of Australia, Mexico & Thailand. I’ve seen God heal people miraculously and speak life-changing prophetic words as he brings Heaven to Earth. I can perform an entertainment based show and share my testimony for more laid-back events, or deliver a more Bible-based message for your Sunday Service.

I first met Benny by chance at our Town Fiesta here in Point Cook.  We had just planted Lightpoint Church in the area where I currently pastor. We have lots of kids and families and so I took a risk and invited Benny to minister without really knowing him.

Well now I know Ben and  his ministry today was fantastic. He engaged the kids, parents and families. He gave a clear Bible based message, and best of all we saw people saved.

Ben is humble, gifted, and God used him to bless our church.  I’m sure he will be a blessing to you also.

Pastor Phil Shand
Lightpoint Church

I have a bachelor degree in Ministry from Harvest Bible College (2012) & completed YWAM DTS in 2010.

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Contact today to have Benny minister and/or perform at your church or outreach event.

Some churches are uncomfortable with the idea of “magic,” and for this reason if I am requested to perform magic as part of a ministry event, I make a clear distinction between tricks that are illusions and sleight-of-hand, and genuine miracles that only God’s Spirit can perform; such as instantaneous healing.